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Whenever I watch a Bollywood movie on the big screen with complete feel and loud sound sequences, along with enjoying the Rom-com, dance numbers, I also scrutinize the clothes the actresses wear in the movie. Guilty as charged but to be honest all girls do that.
And there has always been one question on my mind, where can I get the exact outfit and entire look from? 
I can definitely tell you that many a times I have rushed back home, opened all shopping apps and have started browsing through like a crazy lady but have always come up with one conclusion, "the looks that I love are never available anywhere".
Even though I want to pair up my individualistic style with something Bollywood inspired but there is hardly anything in the market that fulfills my wishes. 
There are few websites that do sell clothes by branding a certain collection to be movie inspired but after you start checking that particular collection, it is nothing close to what they are advertising.

Just a few months back when the most anticipated movie "Bahubali2" was about to hit the screens, I was invited for the "Bahubali2 inspired designer collection" launch. 
I had zero to nothing expectations as this was my first ever fashion show and after attending it, I certainly loved the ambiance, the welcome, the show and most importantly the clothes as well.
This wasn't one of those designer shows that you can just watch and be in awe but in reality no one would ever wear things like that. The entire Bahubali2 inspired collection was all about embracing the colors, the mood and silhouettes from the screen and bringing it to life for the audience so that it is more wearable and more simplistic. 

One particular collection designed by Anupama Dayal caught my attention the most. It was everything this movie represents to me and more. The collection consists of maxi dresses, dhoti pants and crop tops which can be paired up with absolutely anything and can be worn for casual events or you can wear the set as it comes to fancy shows. The color palette consisted of black, sea green and subtle gold hues, without making it over the top. Not only it show cases the creativity but also is engaging for every type of audience and everyone can get their money worth.

Therefore I went with my gut and selected this beautiful black and gold sleeveless maxi piece from the Anupama Dayal collection. It is an entire outfit in itself. There is no hassle to jazz it up as the colors speak for themselves and the soft, light and regal fabric makes you feel no less than a warrior princess.
Without overdoing it and continuing with the same color palette,I just paired it up with a pair of black and gold tassel earrings and black heels.

Black And Gold Maxi Dress- www.bollywoo.oo
Tassel Earrings- Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Black Heels- Regal, Mumbai

Hope you all enjoyed this fashion post
So much more will be coming your way
Thank you for reading,
Kiran Dani



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